Meditation for Beginners in 7 Practical Steps

One of the best things that I've done for myself over the past year has been the regular practice of meditation. I'd tried it before and failed miserably. Thoughts would race through my mind or my leg would start jiggling or my nose would itch and I'd eventually give up. What I hadn't discovered at that point was the wonder of meditation applications for my cell phone.

Insight Timer has been a wonderful tool to help me explore the different types of meditation, guided or just music and it keeps track of my usage time. I'm a bit of a competitive person by nature, so having a goal to meet for weekly meditation keeps me motivated. But, it goes beyond that. Every time I am able to dive into a meditation (and not fall asleep), I finish the time feeling refreshed and positive. If I could wake up every morning that way, I wouldn't need an alarm clock!

Below are some tips to help you get started on meditation and maintain the practice over time:

1. Set up a spot where you will be alone. I have a lot of animals, but I tend to keep them away while I'm meditating. Children and other adults in the house should be kept away as well unless they want to participate.

2. Start small. I only did a five minute meditation when I started and gradually worked my way up to 25-30 minutes. You don't have to meditate for hours to have it feel effective.

3. Plan on meditating daily. Once you develop a habit of meditating, you'll discover that your day doesn't feel quite right without it.

4. Meditate at the same time every day. This also goes toward developing a very positive habit!

5. Try different types. Each person will have a different preference regarding their favorite type of meditation. Over time, this might change and you'll discover that you no longer want a guided meditation.

6. Have a notebook available so you can write down your thoughts and impressions afterward. Sometimes, you might see visions or feel different things. If you're keeping a journal of these, you might find a commonality or have a revelation regarding something in your life.

7. Enjoy what you are doing. Meditation is a wonderful gift that you're giving your body and your spirit.

I hope these tips help you with your journey.


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